• Drum handling equipment
  • Drum handling equipment
  • Drum handling equipment
  • Drum handling equipment
  • Drum handling equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

In every industry a large proportion of hazardous materials are stored in drums. To ensure an efficient production process, drums have to be transported safely to the work place and filling and dispensing processes may also have to be under taken. As experts in hazardous material storage, DENIOS know exactly how to handle drums and have been creating products for handling hazardous materials safely for over 25 years. Our broad product range of drum handling equipment ensures all applications can be carried out to a high standard. We offer versatile products for drum lifting, turning, mixing, emptying and transporting to ensure optimum safety for both personnel and the environment .

Drum handling equipment

DENIOS offer an extensive product range for drum handling including drum pumps, drum dollies, drum grippers, drum lifting equipment and forklift truck extensions. Numerous useful aids from drum lifting rods, drum funnels and lids to drum wedges complete the range, ensuring that hazardous material handling is easier and safer.

Transporting drums by hand

  • Drum trolley
  • Drum lift

Transporting drums by forklift

  • Drum gripper
  • Drum lifter
  • Drum turner

For suspending in crane systems

  • Drum suspension gear
  • Drum tong
  • Scissor gripper

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