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Drum Pumps

The vast majority of hazardous substances are stored in drums. Filling and decanting are also part of many industrial processes daily. DENIOS offers a wide range of drum pumps for this purpose and for every application:

  • Electric drum pumps, pressurised air pumps
  • Drum pumps for acids or alkali
  • Ex-rated drum pumps for flammable substances
  • Drum pumps for mineral oils

The right drum pump for every application:

DENIOS offer a wide range of pumps for filling, transferring and emptying drums and barrels from electric pumps to pressurised air pumps and standard version to explosion proof versions.

Hand Pumps

Stainless steel hand pumps allow you to safely pump flammable liquids or chemicals. Polypropylene pumps are resistant to weak acids, alkalis and cleaning agents. Earth cables with Atex-approval prevent any risk of explosion through static build-up.

Acids/ alkali, chemicals

Electric drum pumps and pressurised air pumps for acids, alkali and chemicals ensure safe decanting processes in environments such as laboratories or chemical processing plants. The drum pump's immersion depth of 1200 mm facilitates safe filling and decanting processes. High extraction capacities ensure efficient pump operation. Pressurised air membrane pumps are very well suited to process acids and alkali. Even abrasive substances, highly vicious media with slip particles as well as sensitive media containing solids are no challenge to extract with special membrane pumps. Pressurised air membrane pumps impress with their easy handling and low deadweight and are most notably maintenance free.

Flammable media / ex

DENIOS provides a high number of explosion protected electric drum pumps for decanting and dispensing solvents, petrol, alcohol, etc. Kits consist of a ready-to-use set, complete with nozzle, media resistant hose, potential equaliser and drum adapter.
Pressurised air membrane pumps made from NIRO/PTFE are also recommended to be used in ex rated areas. Those membrane pumps are ideal for the safe and reliable extraction of sensitive media containing solids and highly vicious substances with solid particles, as well as abrasive substances.

Mineral oils

DENIOS offers a large number of electric pumps for oil, diesel, mineral and engine oils, ideally suited to process mineral oil products of low viscosity if decanting and dispensing drummed goods. DENIOS presents solutions for mineral oil products and the appropriate pump for every application, with drum pumps of up to 1000 mm immersion depth and mobile versions.