• Emergency shower
  • ATEX rated emergency shower
  • ATEX rated emergency shower
  • Emergency shower

Emergency Shower

Protecting eyes and the body is especially important when handling hazardous materials. Should an accident occur despite all other safety precautions, emergency combination showers are a necessity offering fast relief in case of injury. All DENIOS deluge shower equipment comply with the latest EN 15154 regulation. Available in various designs they provide first aid without delay.

The benefits:

  • The right emergency shower for every situation
  • Fast relief  in an emergency
  • Easy to operate

Either an eye wash station or an emergency shower should be an essential element of every business working with aggressive liquids or combustible materials. Suitable emergency showers which deliver an adequate amount of water in the event of an accident should be provided in potentially hazardous workplaces as it is essential that the body and/or eyes are rinsed quickly after contact with hazardous substances.

  • Eye washes and face washes
  • Full body showers
  • Emergency shower combinations
  • Eye wash bottles

Eye washes and face washes

In the event of chemical burns the eyes must be flushed immediately with an emergency shower in order to prevent lasting damage and it is recommended to rinse the eyes for 20 minutes. DENIOS eye washes provide the perfect solution to this problem and are suitable both for placing on a bench and for wall mounting.

Full body showers

Full body showers provide prompt first aid following accidents to minimise possible contamination of the body. They are extremely easy to use with options for wall or ceiling mounting or free-standing full body showers.

Emergency shower combinations

Emergency shower combinations provide the features of a full body shower with an additional eye and face wash.

Eye wash bottles

It is not always possible to use an emergency shower. Amongst other places, eye wash bottles are recommended for areas which are not continuously occupied (e.g. battery rooms or on building sites). Eye wash bottles ensure that injuries are taken care of within the crucial first few seconds. A 500 ml eye wash bottle is sufficient for about 4 minutes' rinsing. To rinse the eyes for longer periods, additional eye wash bottles should be provided or an eye wash located nearby and connected to the water main should be used.