• Mobile Fuel Tank for Vans
  • Mobile Fuel Tank for Trucks
  • Mobile Fuel Tank
  • Stationary Fuel Tank
  • Mobile Fuel Tank

Fuel Tanks

DENIOS focus on the transportation, collection and storage of hazardous materials of all kinds. Businesses can benefit from having their own external fuel supply for their vehicles and machinery on-site with mobile and stationary fuel tanks. DENIOS also supply waste oil and hazardous material tanks.

The benefits:

  • Great flexibility in operational use
  • Mobile or stationary
  • Fuel, chemical or disposal tanks

Mobile tanks made ​​of galvanized steel or plastic are often used by companies in the construction and agricultural industries. Easy to load with a forklift or a crane, the tank system can be transported to job sites quickly and easily on a flatbed avoiding costly operational interruptions.

DENIOS offer tank systems for every purpose as well as a wide range of collection containers for later disposal of incurred residue and waste::

  • Tanks for gasoline, diesel and chemicals
  • Mobile tanks
  • Stationary tanks
  • Waste oil collectors
  • Hazardous material collectors
  • ASF and ASP container