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Fume Cupboard

Any harmful substances arising from welding, soldering or working with adhesives must be extracted effectively and reliably to protect personnel and and the environment. DENIOS extraction benches provide the perfect solution to this problem. But not just here: DENIOS extraction benches are suitable for all other industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical applications:

The benefits:

  • Effective protection for personnel and workspace
  • Suitable for all adhesive, refilling or cleaning work
  • Ideal for use in industry, chemical and pharmaceutical applications and in the laboratory
  • Robust frame and shell design
  • Low extraction rate

Vario-Flow Compact Extraction Bench

The Vario-Flow Compact range of extraction benches are robust workbenches which protect personnel and the workspace and provide cost-effective health and safety compliance in demanding production environments. They are ideal for use where substances and materials which can release emissions are refilled, rinsed, cleaned, ground or evaporated. Vario-Flow technology ensures air flows from the entrance port towards the extraction vents. The Vario-Flow Compact extraction bench is available in three widths from 1100 to 1700 m.

Vario-Flow Premium Extraction Bench

The Vario-Flow Premium extraction bench with its robust frame and shell design combines high retention capacity with low operating costs and so offers ideal protection for personnel and the workspace. The body of this extraction bench is manufactured from surface-coated steel or alternatively stainless steel. The Vario-Flow Premium extraction bench is also available in three sizes. Vario-Flow technology ensures air flows from the entrance port towards the extraction vents. The air curtain created by the specially adapted ejectors traps harmful substances safely and effectively. The precisely controlled push-pull effect enables the system to operate at a low extraction rate. An explosion-proof version of the extraction bench is available on request.

Laboratory workstations

Ensure your laboratory workstations comply with occupational exposure limit values (OELs) for handling chemicals. The fresh air curtain these extraction benches delivers from the edge of the work surface and the ceiling ensures high safety levels in laboratory work. Hazardous vapours are safely trapped and immediately extracted. Laboratory workstations are suitable for all adhesive, refilling or cleaning work with hazardous substances. Explosive atmospheres are safely prevented.

Welding fume extraction

Use welding fume extractors to trap and filter fumes, dust and gases when welding. Welding fume extractors can be used as extraction benches or extraction arms, as needed, and are also available in an ATEX version. Mobile extraction devices offer maximum flexibility.