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Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Pressurised gas cylinders are known to pose a high risk so it is extremely important to store them correctly. DENIOS manufacture products which effectively meet the essential requirements including adequate ventilation and prevention of unauthorised access. Safe, reliable and compliant DENIOS gas cylinder cabinets with 30 or 90 minutes fire resistance provide optimum fire protection and maximum safety. Gas cabinets are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and provide protection from the weather and unauthorized use. The ventilation of the gas cylinder cabinets is ensured by air gaps in the door and walls or through perforated side walls.

  • A range of sizes and models
  • For 1 - 4 gas cylinders from 11 - 50 kg
  • Fully compliant to current legal requirements
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Fire-protected system (DIN EN 14470-2)