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  • Gas Cylinder Cages
  • Gas Cylinder Cages
  • Gas Cylinder Cages

Gas Cylinder Cages

DENIOS gas cylinder cages and containers offer compact indoor and outdoor storage solutions for safely storing gas cylinders.


  • Compressed gas cylinder cabinets for outdoor installation
  • Gas cylinder cages for compact outdoor storage
  • Gas cylinder storage for indoors and outdoors
  • Gas cylinder storage for palletised goods
  • Gas cylinder containers with large storage capacities

Storing gas cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders are potentially very dangerous due to their overpressure and their content (corrosive, toxic, flammable, oxidising) and the most appropriate storage is outdoors. As a result a gas cylinder cage is a Health & Safety Executive requirement for any business storing gas cylinders in an area which allows public access.

Storage outdoors is not always possible so providing a robust risk assessment has been carried out, both the BCGA (British Compresses Gas Association) and Fire Safety Experts recognise that cabinets in accordance with EN 14470-2 can be a suitable way of storing and using compressed gas cylinders in indoor locations without compromising on safety. DENIOS offer a wide range of indoor gas cylinder cabinets for this application.