• Hazardous material storage container
  • Hazardous material storage container
  • Hazardous material storage container
  • Hazardous material storage container
  • Hazardous material storage container

Hazardous Material Storage

DENIOS tailor-made approved and certified hazardous material storage solutions guarantee the efficient and regulation compliant storage of flammable, poisonous, oxidising or water hazardous materials. From basic drum and IBC stores to walk-in storage containers and drum and IBC storage cabinets, DENIOS offers the most extensive and innovative product range in Europe.

  • Drum & IBC Storage Containers
  • Walk in Hazardous Storage Containers
  • Flammable Storage Containers
  • Tailor-made Solutions
Manufactured in the UK all DENIOS hazardous material storage containers offer legally compliant storage at an excellent price-performance ratio. 

Drum and IBC Storage Containers

DENIOS IBC and drum stores offer the perfect solution for every application and are ideal for storing IBCs, drums and pallet goods, ensuring minimum investment per storage space. All DENIOS IBC and drum storage containers are available as heat insulated models for storing frost sensitive substances.
DENIOS IBC and drum stores are synonymous with safety when storing hazardous materials, with the added benefit of an excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water and for the passive storage of flammable liquids
  • PPG 26 compliant integral steel sump
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sturdy upright frame construction

Walk-in Hazardous Storage Containers

DENIOS walk-in storage containers offer the highest flexibility in terms of size and customisation. Floor space from 2 to 21 m² are available offering capacities for a range of different applications such as dispensing, storing and controlling the temperature of your goods safely. DENIOS offers two ranges of walk-in hazardous materials storage containers which have been designed to cater for a variety of needs. The classic WHG is a multi-purpose hazardous material storage container with a trapezoidal sheet metal design. The MC Vario is a practical design for walk-in hazardous material storage containers with a modern flat sheet design that integrates perfectly with any surroundings.
  • Fully compliant with HSE legislation and PPG 26 regulations
  • Approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water
  • Adjustable shelving system for making the best use of the space available
  • Extensive accessory range available

Flammable Storage Containers

DENIOS fire rated storage containers offer safe and legally compliant storage for flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable liquids and substances.
  • BMC walk-in flammable container
  • FBM fire rated shelving container
The BMC fire rated range is extensive, and features everything from compact storage containers for drums and small containers up to large-scale warehousing with more than 20 m² of floor space. Each BMC container can be combined with a large range of accessories to suit individual requirements and operational processes.

The FBM fire rated IBC and drum storage container is the premium solution for the storage of large quantities of flammable substances.

Tailor Made Solutions

DENIOS also offers custom designed solutions tailored to meet individual requirements.

Hazardous material storage containers are available without doors, with wing, roller or sliding doors depending on the design. Lighting, ventilation, extinguishing systems and shelving systems are available as optional extras. Thermal insulation and heating systems ensure frost-free storage.