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  • Chemical storage
  • Chemical storage
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Hazardous Storage

DENIOS supply a wide range of solutions for storing chemicals and hazardous materials from small internal stores to large tailor-made containers. With solutions approved for the storage of aggressive chemicals, water polluting substances, flammable materials and liquids, acids and alkali DENIOS ensure safe, legally compliant storage.

  • Chemical cabinets
  • Dispensing cabinets
  • Environmental cabinets
  • COSHH cabinets
  • Hazardous material depots
  • Drum racking
  • Pallet racking systems
  • Drum cabinets
  • Drum & IBC storage containers
  • Walk in containers for dispensing processes
  • Flammable storage containers

An extremely diverse range of products offers the right solution for virtually every situation – from a steel or polyethylene spill pallet to indoor and outdoor system containers. In addition to its comprehensive range of standard products, DENIOS is also a full-service engineering company specialising in solving individual problems in the areas of hazardous material storage technology, as well as developing custom solutions to meet customer’s unique requirements.

Storing Small Volumes of Chemicals

For storing small volumes of oils, greases and chemicals such as maintenance products in production areas and workshops, chemical and dispensing cabinets should be installed. Dispensing cabinets offer an ideal solution for decanting hazardous substances safely in tough, challenging environments. Cabinets can be individually fitted out with shelves, spill pallets and other accessories and supplied with folding or wing doors to suit individual requirements.

When storing solvents, paints and flammables fire rated safety cabinets should be installed according to BS EN 14-470-1. This safety standard minimizes the fire risks associated with storing flammable substances, protects the cabinet’s contents in the event of a fire, minimizes the amount of vapors released into the working environment and retains accidental spillage within the cabinet.

Drum racking and pallet racking systems

DENIOS pallet racking systems save space, reduce cycle time, optimise work processes and increase productivity. Used when hazardous materials need to be stored and dispensed into drums and small containers, racking systems can be easily modified and extended to accommodate a range of applications.

Drum & IBC Storage Containers

DENIOS containers are the ideal solution for safely storing large quantities of pallets, drums and IBCs. Available in a range of sizes and configurations for different applications and storage capacities, all DENIOS chemical storage containers are compliant with HSE and Environment Agency requirements. Designed with a long lasting, sturdy steel frame for exceptional stability and overall quality, DENIOS containers provide optimum protection from potentially costly spills and hazards to staff, facilities and the environment.

Walk in chemical storage containers

DENIOS offers two ranges of walk in chemical storage containers which have been specifically designed to cater for a variety of customer needs. Both ranges offer secure storage for water polluting and flammable substances and are fully compliant with HSE legislation and PPG 26 regulations.

Flammable storage containers

DENIOS fire rated storage containers offer safe, legally compliant storage of flammable, poisonous and oxidising substances. Available as drum & IBC shelving containers and walk in containers for dispensing operations, DENIOS fire rated storage containers offer up to 120 minutes protection from internal and external fires.