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Heated containers

Preparing temperature-sensitive substances and then making them available is an important part of the manufacturing process in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and textile industries. However the properties of the substances used and the characteristics of the various manufacturing processes can be distinctly different. DENIOS heated chambers provide the perfect solution to this problem.

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The requirements of heated containers are wide-ranging with an increasing degree of automation and greater demands on productivity. There are calls for heated containers to be more integrated in the production process and well synchronised with the process interface. Realisation of the storage parameters constant temperature and heating rate is also moving in the same direction. DENIOS has specialised for over 25 years in producing standard, as well as tailored, solutions in the field of thermal engineering - solutions which are efficient, customer-focused and offer excellent quality.

Constant temperature

All of our heated ccontainers are required to maintain a constant temperature at the level specified, even if the external conditions fluctuate. The combination of servo-systems with high control performance together with powerful cooling, air conditioning and heating systems ensures maximum reliability and an even temperature throughout the system.

Operating costs

DENIOS applied engineering is directly focused on customers' needs. A heated chamber produced following this approach avoids being incorrectly rated and reduces operating costs. DENIOS quality minimises the likelihood of breakdown or failure. This directly benefits process reliability for the end user.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency plays an important part when it comes to handling valuable resources responsibly. As one of the first manufacturers of heated chambers, DENIOS has focused on achieving this goal through an integrated approach. Consequently DENIOS uses only energy-efficient heating, ventilation and servo-systems and assembles them with the latest EnEV compliant insulating and sealing materials in a systems-based approach.

Short heating up/ cooling down times

In modern automated manufacturing processes with high processing speeds, the substances used must be available quickly. Heated chambers are therefore subject to demands for rapid heating up and cooling down cycles. DENIOS high performance units meet even the most rigorous requirements.

Use for thermally sensitive substances and materials

The storage of sensitive substances in a defined temperature range requires constant temperatures which are only achievable through high performance air conditioning at the high end range. DENIOS provides heated chambers for storing this kind of material with a high degree of efficiency to prevent any risk whatsoever in terms of process reliability. This ensures that parameters such as temperature and viscosity are attained in conformity with requirements. Loss of material properties can be successfully counteracted.