• IBC storage
  • IBC storage container, 2 IBCs
  • IBC storage container, 3 IBCs and a pallet with barrels
  • IBC storage container, 4 IBCs
  • IBC storage container with sliding doors

IBC Storage

DENIOS IBC storage containers offer a safe and more efficient alternative to buildings for storing hazardous materials. Available in a range of sizes and configurations for different applications and storage capacities, DENIOS containers are the ideal solution for safely storing large quantities of pallets, drums & IBCs. IBC storage containers are designed with a welded steel frame structure and galvanised steel sheets for weather protection. The integral sump is firmly welded to the frame and provides protection from potentially costly spills and hazards to staff and the environment.

The benefits:

  • Safety and functionality with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water and for the passive storage of flammable liquids
  • PPG 26 compliant integral steel sump
  • 6 models with storage capacity for up to 8 IBCs
  • Single or dual compartments with up to 2 storage levels
  • Sturdy upright frame construction
  • Weatherproof, galvanized steel sheet elements
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for loads up to 3500 kg
  • Forklift accessible
  • Door options: wing and sliding doors

IBC Storage

System Containers for use as an IBC storage container are available without doors or with wing, roller or sliding doors. Available with a variety of accessories including lighting, ventilation and thermal insulation for an even temperature. DENIOS also offer other solutions for storing IBCs:
  • Walk-in hazardous storage containers
  • Shelving systems with or without fire protection
  • Tailor-made solutions
Dispensing stations, pallet racking systems and small hazardous material depots offer solutions for storing smaller quantities of IBCs indoors.