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Oil absorbent

In the event of an oil spill or if water-polluting liquids have escaped, you require a chemical or oil absorbent that absorbs the escaped liquid quickly and effectively. As well as identifying the escaped liquid, it is important that chemical or oil absorbents are available quickly and in the right format, depending on the particular situation.

The benefits:

  • Effective protection in the event of escaped liquids
  • Cost-effective alternative to granules
  • The right solution for every situation

DENSORB chemical and oil sorbents absorb various types of escaped chemicals and oils quickly and effectively. A broad product range tailored to cover every eventuality guarantees maximum safety and minimum waste. DENSORB oil absorbents are available as mats, rolls, cushions, snakes, barriers and skimmers.
The following criteria is extremely important to ensure you choose the right DENSORB chemical or oil sorbent for your requirements:

What liquid/ liquid chemical needs to be absorbed?

As well as being supplied as an oil sorbent, DENSORB absorbents are also available in all-purpose and special versions.


DENSORB-Oil absorbent is intended for absorbing oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids. These oil sorbents are capable of absorbing oil and repelling water. DENSORB oil sorbents are therefore ideally suited to absorbing oil floating on water. Their ability to absorb oil is not reduced by rainwater either, if used outdoors. Consequently DENSORB oil sorbents are considerably more effective than traditional oil sorbents such as granules.

DENSORB - Universal

DENSORB Universal is suitable for use as an oil absorbent but also for absorbing coolants and solvents, emulsions and other non-aggressive liquid chemicals extremely effectively. Universal absorbents are extremely useful in any business where oils or other hazardous chemicals are stored, refilled, transported or used in the production process.

DENSORB - Special

DENSORB Special is a chemical absorbent for safely absorbing acids, alkali and other aggressive chemicals such as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or caustic soda. In the event of a chemical accident you can play safe with this special absorbent material if there is no time to identify conclusively the chemical to be absorbed or if this is not possible.Our DENSORB absorbent compatibility list gives an overview of which absorbent material is appropriate for which liquid.

What internal application needs to be covered?

Whether it be snakes, rolls, matts, cushions, oil barriers, oil skimmers, mobile sets or spill kits, you will find we have the right solution for every eventuality.


To contain escaped liquids and prevent them spreading further.


To check and absorb larger volumes of liquid.


Ideal for absorbing escaped liquids. Excellent as a preventive measure, to keep production and workstations safe and clean.


Ideal for when large areas need to be covered in one go.

Oil skimmers

Skimmers serve as oil absorbents for oil and fuels in channels, shafts, gullies and tanks if these are polluted, e.g. through oil spillage.

Oil barriers

Oil barriers are used as oil absorbents to contain escaped oil in water bodies such as canals, rivers, lakes and harbours.

Emergency Sets / Spill Kits / Portable Sets

Whether you need a portable set in carry case or transportation box or a weatherproof emergency bag or emergency set for trucks or large quantities of absorbents in drums, trolleys or mobile containers or depots, DENIOS have emergency absorbent spill kits for any eventuality.

Tips for storing and disposing of oil sorbents and other sorbents


Chemical and oil absorbents should be stored in dry conditions away from continuous UV radiation. The temperature at which absorbents are stored is irrelevant since their melting temperature is 170° C. If this is met DENSORB absorbents can be stored indefinitely.

Safety and disposal

Chemical and oil absorbents do not pose a safety risk in themselves. However absorbent materials assume the properties of the liquid it absorbs so soiled chemical and oil absorbents must be disposed of in accordance with statutory regulations. The liquid being absorbed is the determining factor. Consequently absorbents contaminated with oil must be dealt with in accordance with the regulations for disposing of oil/ used oil. The relevant authorities (regional water authority, Environmental Agency) can provide further information.