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  • Dip and wash tank
  • Parts cleaner
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Parts Cleaners

Parts cleaners are used in many operational and industrial areas to degrease parts or to prepare for painting processes. DENIOS impress with an extensive product range suitable for all requirements, from small dip and wash tanks to large parts cleaning workbenches in floor and table mounted versions. DENIOS bio.X range offer solvent-free parts cleaning. Using a safe biological cleaning agent means no solvents are used and therefore helps avoid VOC emissions.

  • Parts cleaning without solvents
  • Parts cleaning with solvents
  • Parts cleaning
  • Plunger and spray cans
  • Dip tanks

Parts cleaning without solvents

The DENIOS bio.X range replaces solvent based cleaning agents with eco-friendly cleaning agents. Combining bio.X wash tables with solvent free cleaning agents offers an environmentally friendly system for parts cleaning. Ergonomically designed with the user in mind, these systems offer high quality, large work surfaces for efficient and safe parts cleaning.

Parts cleaning with solvents

Wash tables enable ideal cleaning processes and methods for differing sizes and complexity. The wash tables are available as floor or table mounted versions and as steel plate constructions or polyethylene versions. The safety cleaner is made from corrosion free polyethylene for safe use of solvents which carry a flash point of more than 55C.

Cleaning containers

Parts cleaners and dip-tanks are used in parts cleaning processes and are ideal for cleaning small work parts. Dip tanks are designed to clean parts risk free and are equipped with a fusible link that closes the container automatically in case of fire.