Anti-fatigue mat for holding ES absorbent matting, Eco Stance, 87 cm x 157 cm

    Article no.: 179379W
    • Ergonomically designed absorbent mats made from nitril rubber for oily work areas
    • The margins form a sump pallet that is laid out with one absorbent fleece mat in the dimensions 150 x 80 cm
    • Silicon free
    €105.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Version mat
    Usage Anti-fatigue mat for oily, moist areas; oil is absorbed by absorbent non-woven material
    External dimensions W x D (mm) 870 x 1570
    Colour black
    Material nitrile
    Material thickness (mm) 19
    Weight (kg) 10
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