Battery lab pump for acids and chemicals, 500 mm diving hose length, 1.5 m PVC discharge elbow, tap

    Article no.: 194985W
    • Battery powered lab pump made from PP to safely and easily dispense small amounts of low viscosity acids, alkali, chemicals and many other fluids
    • Ideal for substances, such as battery acids, glycol, phosphor acid, hydrochloric acid and ammonia water, etc.
    • Rotation speed electronics for infinite dispensing processes
    • Easy to operate, engine removable to be charged in a docking station
    • Version without seal
    • Excellent residue emptying of all containers larger than 25 mm
    • Delivered as a ready-to-use unit, including a media resistant PVC hose (1.5 m) and hose tap
    • Suitable equipment: charging station, drum adapter 2
    €276.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Power unit Battery operated
    Version for small containers
    Submersion depth (mm) 500
    Pump material PP
    Usage low-viscosity acids and alkalis, chemicals e.g. battery acid, glycol, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia water etc.
    Equipment with 1.5 m-long flexible dispensing hose (PVC) with stopcock
    Viscosity (mPas) 200
    Density (kg/dm³) 1.3
    Protection category IP 24
    Transfer height (mWs) 8.0
    Transfer quantity (l/min) 16
    Density (kg/dm³) Yes
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