CANISTER PUMP for acids, alkalis and petrochemicals

    Article no.: 157591W
    • The canister pump is ideal for acids, alkalis and liquid petrochemicals
    • For filling and emptying canisters, carboys and drums safely
    • Equipped with hand pump and shut off valve
    • Easy to use: operating the hand pump repeatedly creates excess pressure in the container - contents can then be drawn off by opening the shut-off valve
    • Parts in contact with the medium made of polypropylene and Viton
    • Threaded connection - dia.: 64 mm (BSI)
    • Inc. connection adapter 2
    €109.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Version manual operation, drainage elbow
    Usage for canisters / drums
    Submersion depth (mm) 1000
    Material PP
    Viscosity (mPas) 500
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