DENSORB® absorbent materials
    DENSORB® absorbent materials

    DENSORB® absorbent materials are your ideal partner when dealing with spills and leaks – choose from Universal, Oil or Special. They won’t drip, rip or fluff regardless of how much liquid they absorb.

    Choose from the following formats:
    • Emergency spill kits
    • Rolls
    • Granulates
    • Socks
    • Cushions
    • Multiformat
    • Oil barriers
    • Oil skimmers
    • Oil dice
    • Oil sweeps
    • Absorbent drum covers

    • 1. Hazardous material

    • 2. Product type

    • 3. Absorption capability

    Product range

    1. What type of hazardous material do you need to absorb?

    • universal-icon


      Oils, refrigerants and lubricants, solvents, water

    • oel-icon


      Oil, petrol, hydrocarbons, water-repellent

    • spezial-icon


      Acids, alkalis, aggressive chemicals, unknown fluids

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