Compressed air membrane drum pump for solvents, residue emptying, 1000mm diving depth, ex. protected

    Article no.: 195012W
    • Drum pump set for emptying residue thoroughly
    • Ideal for refilling solvents, petrol, alcohol, etc.
    • For filling and refilling drums
    • Stainless steel pump for emptying residue
    • Maximum liquid pumping - remaining residue 0.1 litre
    • Supplied as ready to use fitting inc. media resistant hose (2 m), nozzle, drum adapter, potential equalisation cable
    • With compressed air drive, 400 W
    • Approved under Atex 100, and IEC EX
    €1,653.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Power unit air pressure
    Version Drum pump set with residue emptying
    Submersion depth (mm) 1000
    Equipment Pump set with hose, nozzle
    Usage Solvent, petrol, paraffin, ethanol, methanol, butanol, kerosene
    Pump material Niro
    Viscosity (mPas) 700
    Density (kg/dm³) 1.8
    Transfer height (mWs) 17.0
    Transfer quantity (l/min) 68
    Density (kg/dm³) Yes
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