Compressed air membrane pump 1, manufactured from NIRO/PTFE

    Article no.: 123283W
    • Stainless steel pumps - particularly suitable for alcohol, petrol, kerosene, paraffin, turpentine, paints, lacquers, etc.
    • Ideal for use in hazardous areas
    • The membrane pumps are ideal for safe, reliable pumping, even of highly viscous media containing solid particles, abrasive substances, delicate media and media containing solids
    • Dry self-priming, no compression gland, safe to run dry
    • No electrical connection, lightweight
    • Easy to operate, maintenance-free
    • Air intake. 1 IG
    • Stops when the pressure line is closed so that the pump and medium being pumped do not heat up
    • Accessory: kit for emptying drum with submersion rod, 3 m hose and nozzle
    €1,868.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Power unit air pressure
    Version Membrane pump
    Equipment Suction connection 1''
    Ex-Protection classification Ex II 2 G c T4
    Usage Alcohol, acetone, petrol, ethyl acetate, kerosene, paraffin, nitric acid, methyl acetone, trichlorethylene, turpentine, toluene, sulphuric acid, xylene, paint, varnished
    Pump material Niro/PTFE
    Suction / pressure connector 1
    Viscosity (mPas) 6000
    Transfer height (mWs) 68.0
    Transfer quantity (l/min) 156
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