DENSORB absorbent fleece material Economy, model Oil, Light, 40 x 50 cm, 100 pieces

    Article no.: 207923W
    • Suitable for absorbing oils, benzine and other hydrocarbon-based liquids
    • Economy grade: ideal for simple one-off applications, e.g. for repairs and maintenance work
    • Water-repellent
    • Fine polypropylene fibre matting with high tear-resistance for absorbing oil
    • Available in various versions and material thicknesses
    • Lightweight version - single-thickness material for drips and minor leakages
    €47.50 / PUIncl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks
    Pack = 100 Mats


    Product information
    Version Matting
    absorption capacity Very high
    Absorption Capacity (litre per pack) 60
    Total width (mm) 400
    Total length (mm) 500
    Pack unit Pack = 100 Mats
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