DENSORB sorbents mobile spill kit, model special, 85 litre absorbency capacity

    Article no.: 116746W
    • The spill kit is designed to absorb acids, alkali and other aggressive liquids in case of an emergency the sturdy yet space saving transport case is easy to move and store, as for instance under work benches or in assembly vehicles CONTENT: 4 absorbent cushions 25 x 25 cm 4 absorbent cushions 46 x 46 cm 3 absorbent socks 120 x 7.5 cm 3 absorbent socks 180 x 7.5 cm 25 absorbent mats 40 x 50 cm 2 pairs of disposable gloves 2 refuse bags
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    Product information
    Version Emergency kit
    absorption capacity High
    Absorption Capacity (litre per pack) 85
    External dimensions W x D x H (mm) 400 x 810 x 440
    Cat. dim. External height (mm) 440
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