Door retaining device with general technical approval for Fire Rated stores with 2-wing door

    Article no.: 138400W
    • With general construction approval z-6.5-1646
    • Automatic door closer with upper door closer and door sequence controller
    • Electrmagnetic door hold-open device to hold doors open during loading and unloading processes, retaining magnets in non-ex-proof design
    • To close the doors, the power to the retaining magnets is cut
    • The doors are normally closed using the manual release button (non-ex-proof)
    • In the event of a fire the automatic fire detection system closes the door (ex-proof)
    • The signal from the fire detection unit is available as a potential free contact in the switch cabinet
    • For no additional cost a fire detector can be fitted for your fire control centre
    • All components are fitted and wired to the switch cabinet
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