Earthing cable with monitoring function, 2-core, 2 stainless steel clips Atex: 1x LED/battery,1x HD

    Article no.: 195370W
    • Offers the operator the added reassurance that static charge is not building up in the container
    • Especially for mobile use - continually monitors the entire electric circuit:the control LED on the earthing clip indicates secure contact
    • Connects 2 containers or 1 container with earthing point or vehicle
    • 1 HD clip: length 235 mm, aperture angle approx. 40 mm - for drums, containers from 200 litres, larger plant components, IBCs, mixing tanks, mobile tanks, tankers, etc.
    • The carbide tips grip through product deposits, rust and drum coatings for a good connection
    • Intrinsically safe electric circuit
    • Approved in accordance with ATEX 95 for category EEx II 1GD T4
    • Equipped with 3 m spiral cable and 9 V lithium battery
    • With high-speed coupling for the clips/changing battery in safe (non-Ex) zone
    • Accessory: individual cables in other lengths or replacement clips
    €922.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Ex-Protected model Yes
    Version Earthing strap with surveillance
    Equipment 2 stainless steel clips: 1 with LED / 1 type HD
    Length of cable (m) 3
    Power unit Battery operated
    Ex-Protection classification Ex II 1 GD T6
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