Electric Drum Pump for Aggressive Substances TT 1000, 1000 mm immersion depth

    Article no.: 117529W
    • Ideal to extract acids and alkali of low viscosity in operational processes
    • Ideal for filling and dispensing in and out of container and drum goods
    • Light and easy to handle, with high extraction performance
    • Splash water guard, without seal
    • Double insulation with protective conductor protection
    • Equipped with a 230-V engine, 5-m wire and plug
    • Tried and tested and immediately ready to use
    • The delivery includes a ready-to-use kit, including a media resistant hose (2.5 m), nozzle and drum adapter
    €774.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Power unit electrical
    Version Drum pump set
    Submersion depth (mm) 1000
    Equipment Pump set with hose, nozzle
    Material PP
    Usage Sulphuric (up to 40%), phosphoric, battery, hydrochloric acid, iron III chloride up to 30%, caustic soda
    Viscosity (mPas) 500
    Density (kg/dm³) 1.4
    Protection category IP 24
    Transfer height (mWs) 19.0
    Transfer quantity (l/min) 85
    Density (kg/dm³) Yes
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