Electrical pump for drum residue for acids/ alkali, 1000 mm diving depth, pump without fixtures

    Article no.: 188569W
    • Ideal to extract acids and alkali of low viscosity in industrial operations suitable for dispensing and decanting processes involving drum goods light and handy, with high extraction performance splash water protected, without seal double insulated with protective earth connection equipped with a 230-V engine, a 5-m wire and plug delivery includes the pump alone (with diving pipe, hose connection), without fixtures
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    Product information
    Power unit electrical
    Version Drum pump
    Submersion depth (mm) 1000
    Equipment Pump, alternative to set
    Material PP
    Usage Sulphuric (up to 40%), phosphoric, battery, hydrochloric acid, iron III chloride up to 30%, caustic soda
    Viscosity (mPas) 500
    Density (kg/dm³) 1.4
    Protection category IP 24
    Transfer height (mWs) 19.0
    Transfer quantity (l/min) 85
    Density (kg/dm³) Yes
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