Eye Wash Kit, With 2 Eye Wash Bottles each Holding 500ml

    Article no.: 123484W
    • For rapid flushing when caustic materials are attacking the eyes in order to prevent lasting damage
    • Particularly recommended for use in industry and in the workshop; eye wash bottles are protected from contamination
    • For eye flushing available at all times in individual workplaces
    • Sturdy box manufactured from hard foam, containing two 500 ml eye wash bottles
    • The eyewash bottles have ergonomically formed eye-baths
    • Easy to remove, simple to open with one hand
    €54.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


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    Product information
    Rinsing solution Saline solution
    Equipment Wall box
    Number of cylinders 2
    Number of eye sockets 1
    Content (ml) 1000
    X X

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