Fume protection full mask SEFRA, without filter, to DIN EN 136 class 3

    Article no.: 116613W
    • Non-glare and distortion resistant view, non-glare and scratch resistant
    • Mask closes tight and comfortable
    • High-quality membrane enables the wearer to be heard when speaking to other people
    • The wearer can be heard clearly when using a mega phone, telephone or radio
    • Internal masks with two control valves
    • Permanent ventilation ensures that the visor doesn't mist up and obscure the wearer's vision
    • Suitable for fire fighters
    • The connection component for the mask complies with DIN EN 148-1
    • The body of the mask is available in skin sensitive, non-aging EPDM or made out of skin-friendly silicone
    €259.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


    Product information
    Type Full mask, reusable
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