Hygiene pallet Euro-H1, high quality polyetylene PE-HD

    Article no.: 137025W
    • Ideal for transport in hygiene areas.
    • Specifically recommended by the EHI Retail Institute, the hygiene pallet meets all EHI requirements.
    • The hygiene pallet is easy to clean, with a watertight construction.
    • Reduced processing time for manual or mechanical cleaning, with high levels of hygiene.
    • Resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.
    • With central and external lock (7 mm).
    • Retains shape from - 40 to + 75° C.
    • Material PE-HD, grey.
    Product information
    Material Plastic
    Total load capacity (kg) 5000
    External dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1200 x 800 x 160
    Dynamic load capacity (kg) 1250
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