IBC sump pallet EURO-2R, polyethylene, with PE storage base, for 2 IBCs

    Article no.: 195378W
    • Sump pallet type EURO-2R - a combined storage and dispensing station
    • To store 2 IBCs compliant with the law
    • The dispensing area catches possible drips safely
    • The sump pallet is resistant against many oils, acids, alkali, etc.
    • Absolute corrosion protection as the sump pallet is made entirely of eco friendly plastic (Polyethylene - PE)
    • IBCs can be stored directly on a removable grid storage area made from PE
    • Also suitable to hold drums and other containers
    • Tested with four-fold bearing load, for your safety
    • Directly accessible by forklift truck and other lifting equipment
    €998.00 Incl. shipping in stock


    Product information
    Storage capacity for 2 x 1000 litre IBC
    Colour grey / polyethylene
    Version Can be lowered
    Deposit area Grid plastic
    External dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2460 x 1800 x 485
    Equipment With grid, plastic
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