Manual dispensing and transfer pump, polypropylene, with Nitrile seal, blue

    Article no.: 129357W
    • Suitable for various acids, alkalis oils and foodstuffs
    • Ideal for canisters of 20 litres up to 205 litre drums
    • Comes with 3 adapters (flexible seals) for bung diameter sizes 46.5 to 60 mm and a 4 part intake pipe
    • Polypropylene pump body
    • The outlet lever can be adjusted so a precise small amount of fluid can be pumped out or so that larger amounts can be continuously pumped out
    • Transfer rate for water-based solutions 20 litres/min, for oil (SAE30, max. 400mPas at 20°C) approx 9 litres/min
    • Nitrile seals
    • A transfer pipe with a pump nozzle is available as an accessory
    Product information
    Version Mineral oils, food oils
    Usage for small containers / drums
    Transfer quantity (l/stroke) 0.25
    Length of submersion rod (mm) 1000
    Material PP
    Submersion depth (mm) 1000
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