Oil station with spill pallet for 2 drums, 2 x electric pumps, enclosed hose reel 10m, nozzle, meter

    Article no.: 201607W
    • Oil station for 2 x 60 litre drums or 2 x 205 litre drums.
    • Legally compliant, safe storage and dispensing of various oils.
    • Direct filling into engines, gearboxes, small containers etc.
    • Fitted with:
    • 1 spill pallet with grid, WHG-approved.
    • 2 electric gear pumps, motor rating 780 W (230-V-power supply is sufficient).
    • 2 automatic hose reels , enclosed housing, with 10m pressure hose.
    • 2 nozzles with swivel joint and electronic meter.
    • Suction unit with hose, filter and 2 bung hole seal.
    • External dimensions W x D x H: 1350 x 870 x 2000 mm.
    • Easy to move with a pallet truck (ground clearance 100 mm).
    • Containment volume 205 litres.
    Product information
    Power unit electrical
    Version Pumping station 2 drums
    Equipment Pump with sump, nozzles, hose reel closed
    Submersion depth (mm) 1600
    Transfer quantity (l/min) 10
    Usage For hydraulic, engine, gear, plant and other highly viscous oils and anti-freeze concentrates
    Viscosity (mPas) 2500
    Protection category IP 44
    Transfer height (mWs) 250.0
    max. Pressure (bar) 25
    Length of hose (m) 10
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