Recirculating air filter-UFA & HOUSING

    Article no.: 210544W
    • Active personal protection through capturing and retaining harmful vapours in the filter system
    • Solvent vapours (hydrocarbons) are retained up to 99.999% Until the filter is full
    • EX zones must be avoided in and around the hazardous materials cabinet in accordance with BGR 104 (ex-rl)
    • No expensive extraction piping necessary, the recirculating air filter system can be assembled easily and safely
    • Save the expense of knocking holes in the wall and save space that would be needed for ventilation equipment
    • Tested and certified
    • Complete with multi-level filter system, connection cable and mains plug
    • Specially designed for the pressures in underbench cabinets
    • Attached by a housing unit directly to the underbench cabinet
    • ATEX compliant: EX II 3/- G EX ic na IIB T4 GC
    €1,669.00 Incl. shipping 1 – 2 weeks


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