Webbing barrier K400 with black-yellow webbing belt,made from aluminium, for int. & ext. use, yellow

    Article no.: 157645W
    • Flexible bollard barrier post to secure pedestrian paths, storage areas, machinery or passages
    • The bollards are made from aluminium with integrated self-rewinding belts (up to 3000 mm) for indoor and outdoor use
    • Every bollard is freely placeable and is equipped with thee belt inclusions
    • The sturdy Polyethylene stand can be filled with sand and might optionally be also dowelled into he ground
    • Height: 1000 mm
    • Stand Ø: 330 mm
    • Tube Ø: 60 mm
    • Total weight: 3 kg (empty), 13 kg (filled)
    • The bollards and belts are available in different colours
    €109.00 Incl. shipping 3 – 4 weeks


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    Usage people management systems
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