DENIOS Bespoke

Always perfectly tailored to suit your individual requirements.

DENIOS Bespoke

Our 25 years of experience should give you the secure feeling that your project will be finished on time and to a high standard.

Your needs become the focus of our attention ensuring that from the initial contact with your company and engineer, the DENIOS design team will be available to discuss your individual requirement and concept of design.

DENIOS' broad range of tried and tested standard products are a starting point for your project, we can then customise and adapt these to suit your individual needs. DENIOS also offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

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Based on your individual requirements, we offer customised solutions in two main areas:

Safe handling of hazardous materials

Safe handling of hazardous materials

  • Storage units for hazardous materials
    (PPG 26 compliant)
  • F90 (90 minute) fire-protection
  • DiBt certified systems
  • Ready-to-use hazmat storage units
  • Collection areas for pollutants TRGS 520

DENIOS will impress you with its bespoke solutions - approved by the DIBt, the German Institute for Building Technology. These certifications guarantee efficient storage of flammable, poisonous, oxidising or water polluting substances in compliance with the law.

Application examples:

  • Solvent storage (F90)
  • Paint supply room (F90)
  • Central storage unit for chemicals
  • Storage unit for organic peroxides
  • Waste collection systems
  • Storing toxins (T/T+)
  • Municipal pollutant collection units TRGS 520
  • Surface protection systems manufactured from steel / stainless steel
Lagerung von Gefahrstoffen im Freien
Abschließbare Containeranlage
Faßlager mit Schiebetoren
Lagercontainer mit Brandschutz

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Thermo technology

Thermo technology - Heating, cooling or melting substances effectively

  • Heating, warming and melting up to 200° C
  • Chilled storage down to -25° C
  • Frost-free storage
  • Fire and explosion proof version
  • GMP compliant

Heating, cooling, temperature-control, melting or drying.
DENIOS 'thermo technology' includes a range of products used within industries which work with temperature sensitive substances and offer solutions for both small and large storage capacities. Whether you need to heat or melt up to 200°C, store frost-sensitive products or refrigerate to -25°C, DENIOS can supply everything you need.

Application examples:

  • Heater boxes
  • Heating tunnels
  • Heating chambers / cooling cabinets
  • Insulated container system
  • Refigerated containers
  • Cooling units
  • Cooling storage for organic peroxides
  • Drum heater / induction drum heater
Temperaturgesteuerte Lagerung von Frischware

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