Your Environmental Protection & Work Safety Partner

For over 30 years we have been helping companies meet the growing responsibilities in protecting the environment and minimising risks when handling hazardous substances.

What began with simple spill pallets and storage containers has evolved with impressive speed as customer requirements and legal obligations and recommendations have become more demanding.

Today we design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of products related to hazardous materials storage, environmental protection and health and safety at work and we are proud to say that this ever-growing product range has helped protect workers, workplaces and the environment in every corner of the world.

At DENIOS we offer our clients more than a good insurance company could: Our aim is to prevent the catastrophic consequences of incorrectly stored and handled hazardous materials, and to save lives.

In 2000 we opened our UK Office in Newport, Shropshire where our specialist sales and engineering team covers the entirety of businesses throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The DENIOS Group has 6 production sites and over 15 subsidies in Europe, United States and Asia. Our engineers and technical support teams are always geographically close and familiar with regional legislation across the world. Our global reach allows us to work with multinational businesses with flexibility and ease.
At DENIOS we understand the complex nature of purchasing, planning and logistical decisions in companies which is why we provides site visits, consultancy and training for businesses.
UK legislation requires regular check-ups and maintenance for work equipment. DENIOS maintenance services will help you to comply with these regulations and provide legal and economical protection. We also offer free on-site assessments where we can advise you on your current situation and what you may need to be compliant.
Discover DENIOS products and services with our media library offering videos, spec sheets, brochures and catalogues. View product demonstration videos, download our catalogue and more.