Avoid slips and trips at work

If you are injured at work, the most common reason for this is because of slip and trips. This is also the most common reason for requiring time off from work. Not only that, workplace falls can result in costly legal issues that are, usually, entirely preventable with the right equipment. By providing employees with important solutions, such anti-slip matting, floor markers and cabinets, you can drastically reduce the number of accidents in your workplace. 

Here we present 5 measures for effectively reducing the risk of slips and trips in the workplace.

Our top 5 tips for preventing accidents in the workplace

1  Firm footing with the right flooring

Flooring can be overlooked when planning out a production environment. For example, smooth surfaces can be hazardous when workers bring in outdoor weather conditions, leading to slips and trips. With anti-slip mats, floor coverings and profiles, you can ensure a safe working environment for workers and visitors to your manufacturing plant.

2  Keep dirt under control

Dirt and debris can easily create slip hazards, especially when you are working in an environment that includes the use of liquids. This is where you need a dirt trapper mat. These essential items are placed at the entrance of a business, trapping dust, mud, or water that can be tracked in on the soles of shoes.

3  Ensure everything has its place

Tools and equipment can often be left lying around, which creates trip hazards in working and operating areas. Having storage cabinets means that everything has a place, preventing tools from being left out and becoming an accident waiting to happen.

4  Have clear, defined areas

It's important to show workers where different work areas and safe walkways are located in a production environment. Floor-marking tools can be used for walkways, and barriers can mark traffic routes for heavy machinery, such as forklift trucks.

5  Provide adequate lighting

Something that is regularly overlooked in work environments is lighting. Installing proper lighting systems will increase visibility in production areas and reduce the risk of accidents, contributing towards increased productivity.

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