Storing and dispensing disinfectants and sanitisers

Safely store and dispense disinfectants and sanitisers

As a result of the on-going COVID-19 crisis, companies across the country are implementing cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures. These safety measures are important for helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus among employees, but they also create new hazards in the workplace. For example, the chemicals used to make the majority of disinfectants are highly flammable, leading to a legal requirement for businesses to invest in appropriate storage and handling solutions.

To help companies navigate these difficult times, our experts at DENIOS have identified the relevant products you will need in order to fulfil your legal obligations, as well as compiling a useful disinfectants checklist regarding the safe storage and handling of disinfectants.

Whether you're looking to follow legal obligations at short notice, or have long-term processes in place, we are here for you.

Safe & Compliant Storage Solutions

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FALCON safety containers for storage, transport and economical consumption

Our market-leading FALCON safety containers are designed for safety and precision, making them the ideal choice for storing, transporting and dispensing disinfectants. 

The extensive FALCON range includes filling cans, jerry cans and storage and transport containers for the safe handling of aggressive substances, as well as spray cans for the safe use of disinfectants.

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