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How a single event drove the inspiration behind DENIOS

The memory is still vivid, the first images of a disaster that will change everything are shown on television. A warehouse on the premises of the chemical company Sandoz goes up in flames and dangerous pesticides and contaminated fire-fighting water flow into the Rhine. Helmut Dennig is immediately clear: something like this must never happen again. DENIOS was founded shortly afterwards.

More than 30 years later, DENIOS has made a name for itself worldwide as a developer and manufacturer. At 25 sales locations and six production sites, it is all about the safe storage and handling of hazardous substances, operational safety in the workplace and environmental protection. Today, the family-owned company from Bad Oeynhausen in Germany advises and supplies well-known customers such as BMW, Salzgitter Flachstahl, Volkswagen, Evonik, Bayer and Bosch.

We all have a responsibility to preserve our natural habitat - for ourselves and for future generations. At DENIOS, we see it as our primary goal to constantly improve and set new standards for this purpose.

Horst Rose (Chief Sales Officer) | Helmut Dennig (Founder and Chairman of the Board) | Ricarda Fleer (Chief Financial Officer) | Alexander Dolipski (Chief Operating Officer)

The DENIOS Story

DENIOS was founded in 1986 in Germany, when Helmut Dennig innovated the very first oil spill pallet. One day, when changing the oil in his Volkswagen, he realised the need to take responsibility for the spilt oil. In the 1980’s people were often careless about these small oil spills, yet he was aware of the greater impact on the environment. Thinking ahead, he created a prototype container for collecting the oil - which today we know as the spill pallet.

While DENIOS was inspired by nature and passionate about its protection, it was an environmental disaster that was the catalyst for our founding.

An incident at the Swiss chemical company Sandoz, one of the biggest chemical disasters in Europe, occurred in the same year. The devastating results proved there was a massive, unaddressed need for the containment of hazardous materials.

Helmut Dennig grew his simple yet effective spill pallet prototype idea into a well trusted global company specialising in hazardous material storage and work safety products for many industries.

DENIOS now has 35 locations across the globe, with 6 major manufacturing sites, where we design and produce over 500 different models of the original DENIOS spill pallet as well as over 14,000 other work safety and environmental protection products.

In 2000 we opened our UK Office in Newport, Shropshire where our specialist sales and engineering team services many industries throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are here to help bring our local British customers the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

DENIOS is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for HAZMAT storage, occupational environmental protection and work safety.

DENIOS: A unique combination of forward thinking engineering design and quality production

Starting from a single mission and big dreams, a global business had flourished. DENIOS now provides high-quality solutions to a broad range of industries: from transport and logistics, automotive, mechanical engineering, chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as for plastics and metal processing. DENIOS is recognised and trusted across the board

DENIOS catalogue products offer our customers a wide range of choice. You can find over 14,000 different items to answer your every need. As DENIOS is a developer AND a manufacturer, we can offer you an impressive selection of safety-focused equipment. Our inventive engineering design means you, our customer, has access to the latest development and innovations.

We provide the biggest variety of spill pallets for all hazardous liquids in Europe, with over 500 different options available which are always being refined and added to. Our customers have access to an extensive range of products including storage systems for hazardous substances, transport and cleaning containers, and absorbing fleeces for cleaning up and containing leaks.

DENIOS Engineered Solutions offers you, our customer, precise and innovative resolutions to your complex hazardous substances problems. The DENIOS room system is part of the Engineered Solutions portfolio, this solution is a unique integration of advanced sensor and control technology which communicates quickly and effectively when any issue arises. This system gives you access to operating data, automatic fault alarms and system-based counter measures, all connected with cloud-based e-services.

What we do for you

We turn problems into solutions. Your ideas and needs benefit from our knowledge and experience. Our knowledge sharing and learning focussed culture creates an open environment for innovation and providing customer value.

Engineering and Manufacturing

DENIOS products are designed and built by the best in their field, and manufactured in accordance with international quality standards in our own production facilities.
Our engineers and technical support teams are always on hand to ensure that you choose the right products for your business needs.
DENIOS employees are trained in classic steel construction, industrial electronics, construction mechanics, specialist plastic shaping, varnishes and much, much more, making our production facilities a dynamic hub of expertise and innovation.

  • Family owned, award winning highly innovative company
  • Over 35 years of innovation and experience
  • 200 Mio EUR turnover. - 1,000 employees wordwide
  • Installed base of more than 100,000 HAZMAT containers
  • 6 production sites in Europe, America and China
  • 23 sales offices globally
  • Offering over 14,000 products
  • 19 Online shops in 14 different languages
  • ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 9001 certified
  • Preferred supplier for major companies in chemical, pharmaceutical, F&B, automotive, metal processing, energy and process industry in general

Excellent Quality

With DENIOS products, you as a customer are relying on tested and certified quality. That's why we began having our products certified at an early stage. For example, our hazardous material storage systems are comprehensively and fully certified in accordance with DIN EN 1090. So that you as a customer can be sure of this, we regularly have our products certified by independent institutes. These include DEKRA, TÜV nord, DVS, IBS and the German Institute for Construction Technology in Berlin.

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