DENSORB® Advanced Capillarity Technology

You know the situation: You dip a something into water and the water rises upwards - against the force of gravity. When an absorbents captures a liquid and binds it to itself, this is exactly what happens. That is the capillary effect. It describes the interaction between cohesion and adhesion force: the interaction between surface tension (molecular forces within the liquid) and interfacial tension (molecular forces between liquid and solid surface).

In the development of DENSORB® absorbents, three aspects were focused on: high absorbency, high drip resistance and at the same time high tear resistance and durability. The challenge: to perfectly match all three qualities against the background of physical and mechanical laws. The result: Advanced Capillarity Technology.

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Whether it is a preventive protective measure or an emergency - the highly capacity DENSORB® absorbents contain spilled liquids safely and effectively. Thanks to the Advanced Capillarity Technology, they have high absorption capacity, drip resistance, tear resistance and durability.

High absorption capacity

DENSORB® material visibly absorb liquids up to 16 times their own weight faster. The reason for this is the Advanced Capillarity Technology, which creates an excellent capillary effect thanks to a fine-porous fiber structure. This ensures that the absorbed liquid is distributed particularly quickly and evenly in the nonwoven. The absorption capacity of the absorbent is optimally utilized.

Your advantage: The optimal use of the intake capacity reduces material consumption and disposal costs.

High resistance to drips and leaks

The Advanced Capillarity Technology guarantees you the highest level of cleanliness when using DENSORB® bonding fleeces. The strong adhesion between fibre surface and absorbed liquid effectively prevents the absorbed liquid from dripping. This means that even with saturated DENSORB® absorbent pads there is no leakage loss. Dangerous secondary leakages are avoided.

Your advantage: Uncompromising cleanliness as well as the avoidance of secondary leakages and the consequential harmful consequences for health.

High Durability

DENSORB® utilises Advanced Capillarity Technology which provides excellent tear and wear resistance even when saturated. Depending on the design, they can even withstand heavy and long-term use. Additional protective layers of robust spun-bonded fabric increases the durability and enables long-term use as a base on workbenches or as floor covering.

Your benefit: High durability enables economical and sustainable use of materials.

Advanced Capillarity Technology: Quality features on video

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