Facts & figures on accidents at work and occupational diseases (copy 1)

Accidents at work and during work still happen too frequently. The consequences can have long-term effects and lead to incapacity for work. Whether skin disease, spinal damage or pneumoconiosis - all these diseases could be avoided by simple helpers in the daily work routine.

What measures are to be taken in areas where aggressive or flammable substances are used? (copy 1)

Emergency showers

In areas where e.g. is used with aggressive liquids or flammable substances, there is always the risk of an accident for humans and as a result, a possible contamination of the body and eyes with harmful substances. Body and eye showers, which are compulsory for many areas, offer quick help for first aid. 

Operation of emergency showers
Important is a simple and reliable function. The operation of the shower must be possible with a simple movement. The EN gives u.a. prevents the valve from closing automatically after actuation.

Emergency measures in case of accidents
Any injury should be promptly rinsed and a doctor contacted. Also during a transport of the injured, z. B. by using eye wash bottles, the rinse be continued.

Eye Wash Bottles
Recommended, among other things, for rooms in which you do not work all the time (eg battery rooms or construction sites). With eyewash bottles, the care of an injured person can be ensured within the important first seconds. An eyewash bottle with 500 ml content is enough for a 4-minute flush. To ensure longer rinsing time, additional eye wash bottles should be available or a nearby eye-water connected to the water network should be used.

Important: Regular maintenance of emergency showers
All safety showers should be serviced and cleaned regularly - at least every 6 months. Furthermore, they must be checked regularly (at least once a month or according to the manufacturer's specifications) for their functionality.

emergency showers