Dispensing Stations, Equipment and Dispensing Racks

dispensing station

Dispensing stations consist of sump pallets and drum stands to ensure substances that are hazardous to water can be stored and dispensed safely.

Dispensing stations are manufactured either from painted or galvanized steel or polyethylene. Dispensing stations mean that no environmental damage should occur since dispensing is performed safely over the sump pallet.

DENIOS' range of dispensing stations consists of models for every requirement along with an extensive range of accessories.

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Safely Transfer Chemicals

Abfüllstationen bestehen aus Auffangwannen, Abfüllböcken und Fasszubehör.

Storage of hazardous substance containers with water-polluting liquids in or on suitable drip pans can prevent uncontrolled leakage in the event of leaks or cracks. With a drip tray you can already increase the safety of storing water pollutants significantly. Leaks or cracks in hazardous material containers, usually barrels or IBC, pose no problem because the liquids are collected.

In this way, the substances are prevented from entering the sewage system or the soil. How can one take advantage of this in everyday operations such as filling and refilling? With only a few accessories you can expand your DENIOS drip tray to a full-fledged filling station. In most cases, specially adapted to the dimensions of the tub filling blocks or a filling platform.

By means of drum accessories such as taps or pumps, materials from the stored container can be safely filled into other containers. The drip tray fulfills a dual function: it protects the stored goods from any leaks and at the same time drips losses. Customers do not have to assemble the individual components of the filling stations themselves. DENIOS offers them in various variants as complete sets.

Which material?

The material of the collecting station, or that of the collecting tray, depends on the materials that are to be stored and handled.

There is a simple rule of thumb: anything that melts at high temperatures is not suitable for flammable substances, anything that corrosively affects metals must not be stored on a steel pan. As a supplier of the largest, certified collection tray range, DENIOS offers the right basis for every conceivable filling situation. The possibilities are correspondingly diverse:

  • Steel dispensing stations for drums and filling stations made of PE for drums
  • Steel dispensing stations for IBC
  • Dispensing stations made of PE for IBC

Depending on requirements, DENIOS dispensing stations can be designed for single or multiple containers. Solutions for up to 3 IBCs in series are available, for example, from steel or PE.

Anhängbare Behälter fangen Tropfverluste auf, je nach Auffangwannentyp sind diese bereits integriert.

Dispensing Guideline

First, make sure that all safety precautions and protective measures are followed. What exactly are these, you will find in our guide.

Use only accessories and pumps that are suitable for the stored fluid. For easily flammable liquids, it is important to take appropriate Ex protection measures and to observe them. This also includes ex-protected work material such as pumps, suction units or grounding cables.

When handling hazardous substances, it is essential to take appropriate occupational safety measures.