Emergency showers

Emergency showers

For any business working with hazardous materials, an emergency shower should be an integral piece of on site equipment to ensure employees are best protected. Despite all other safety precautions, accidents can still occur and industrial safety showers are a necessity that offer fast relief in case of injury.

In the event of an accident a drench shower should be installed in potentially hazardous areas as it is essential that the body and/or eyes are rinsed quickly after contact with hazardous substances. DENIOS offer a range emergency showers suitable for every situation and requirement.

A full body decontamination shower provides fast first aid to minimise possible contamination of the body following an accident. They are extremely easy to use and can be wall or ceiling mounted or free-standing.

We also offer a range of safety shower combinations, which provide the features of a full body emergency safety shower but also include an additional eye and face wash.

All DENIOS emergency drench shower equipment complies with the latest EN 15154 regulation.

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How often do emergency showers have to be tested?

All emergency showers should be serviced and cleaned at least every 6 months. Furthermore, they must be checked regularly (at least once a month or according to the specifications of the manufacturer) for their functionality.