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The updated DENIOS online shop

Collection trays for IBCs and small containers

You will find a wide range of collection trays for the safe storage of hazardous substances. Models come in a variety of sizes, capacities and materials to suit your requirements.

Space-saving storage and charging of lithium batteries

Make perfect use of existing space reserves under the workstation: With the new SmartStore underbench cabinet, safe charging of lithium batteries is now even more space-saving! Like all SmartStore models, the new lithium charging cabinet in compact format guarantees 90-minute fire protection from inside and outside.

  • With integrated socket strip for connecting chargers
  • Plug-in version for connection to the mains supply
  • Option to equip with remote signalling module for alarm forwarding or additional smoke detector

Heating jackets and belts for drums and IBCs

See our range of heating jackets. Take a look at our range of heating jackets for IBCs and drums.

New samplers for liquids, solids and viscous media

We have expanded our range of samplers. Find a greater selection of: sampling lances, jumbo samplers, sample scoops, all-layer samplers, sample spoons, scrapers, spatulas, scoops, dipping bombs and pipettes.

Spill trays with improved design

DENIOS spill trays help protect from everyday spills and leaks. Our improved designs have a practical pouring spout and integrated holder for bung caps. All 3 can be placed in side of each other for improved storage and space saving.

  • In 3 tried and tested sizes for cans, buckets, jerry cans and small barrels
  • Keeps the floor clean and slip-free
  • Ideal for filling small containers

DENSORB® Mobile Binding Agent Emergency Kits

With emergency sets from DENSORB® you are perfectly prepared for any leak - because our wide range of sets are suitable for many uses and situations. We have recently updated our range to include new mobile set options. While stationary solutions with a large storage capacity are more often required in the warehouse, mobile emergency sets offer more flexibility and speed when supplying individual workplaces, machines and systems or for equipping service vehicles.

High quality stainless steel barrels

Stainless steel drums are available in a large selection. Bung drums and lidded drums made of stainless steel are available in variety of sizes. All our stainless steel drums are made of stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4401 (V4A or SS316).

Tanks to new DIN standards

With the new DIN EN 12285-2, the design standards for the construction of tanks have been harmonised and increased in many details for even more safety. Innovations include increased material thicknesses for the walls of the tanks, reinforced foot constructions (saddle feet) and standardised dome openings with a diameter of 600 mm. DENIOS offers tanks in the latest design - in accordance with DIN EN 12285-2, tested with a BAM certificate and/or storage approval from the DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology).

IBC with extra UV protection

Strong and permanent solar radiation can have a negative effect on the contents stored in the IBC. The service life of the plastic tank can also be shortened. To ensure better product and material protection in difficult and unprotected outdoor storage conditions, we now have IBCs made of black HDPE in our range offering additional UV protection.

Organic narrow-neck bottles made from Green-PE

These new narrow-neck bottles are made from renewable raw materials. The so-called "Green PE" biopolymer is used. See more wide-neck bottles, narrow-neck bottles and dropper bottles made of other materials in our small container range.

Compact bio.x tabletop unit in new design

The bio.x A25 table-top unit is the smallest and most mobile unit in the popular bio.x parts waxer family. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, it is adaptable to small spaces. The new bio.x A25 is suitable for cleaning small parts, tools and gears. It works extremely efficiently and offers all important functions for manual brush cleaning. The key differences to the predecessor model are:

  • The double-walled design provides improved stability and thermal insulation
  • New storage surface integrated into the basin
  • Technical unit similar to the floor-standing units for particularly easy maintenance

Containers for empty and partially empty spray cans

Even in seemingly completely emptied spray cans, there are usually still residual substances that can cause damage. To ensure safe collection and disposal, you can now find special UN-approved transport and disposal containers for empty and partially emptied spray cans in our shop. These are equipped with ventilation openings and a lid with sealing system and are also available as an antistatic variant.

New shelving units

Shelving enables space-saving storage of a wide variety of goods such as workshop supplies or production accessories on several storage levels.

We have recently expanded our range of shelving. Take a look at all our new products in shelving, wide span shelving and tyre racks.

DENIOS Catalogue 2022

Your complete solution for environmental protection and safety

You will find tried-and-tested products, current top sellers and our latest innovations from the areas of:

  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Tanks and containers
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Cleaning and waste disposal
  • Operating equipment

In addition, the DENIOS catalogue provides you with our expert knowledge on regulation, practical equipment guides and service tips accross our information pages. Currently in the home office? Use our environmentally friendly online version.

We are happy to send you our main catalogue 2022 by post. Request now!

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