Chemical Absorbents - Absorbent Materials for Chemical Spills

Video guide to chemical absorbents


Would you like to learn more about the use of chemical absorbents? Need help choosing the right product? Or you would like to know how you should behave properly in the leakage situation?

Our absorbents guide provides you with all important information! Learn everything you need to know about the use of binders - from practical tips for daily use to measures for the leakage.

Take a look at our free webinar on the "Leakage Emergency Plan in 10 Steps"!

Leakage Emergency Plan in 10 Steps

Granules or Absorbents?

Absorbents are generally better suited for applications in the industrial environment than granules. They are made of polypropylene and can absorb and bind a multiple of their own weight of liquid.

Therefore, disposal costs are also significantly lower after the absorption of a pollutant than with granulates. Both weight and disposal volume are significantly smaller.

In our DENSORB range we offer a range of binders optimized for chemicals. In addition to efficiency, profitability is a major factor.

For this reason, we offer DENSORB in perfectly adapted fixtures: on rolls, as mats, snakes, cushions or e.g. Also as an oil barrier for use on waters.


Anyone who immediately binds small and large amounts of dripping material not only reduces the risk of skidding in the workshop, but also prevents the wearing of ugly stains in brushes.

Practically: the binders do not absorb water - so you only have to pay for the disposal of the actual hazardous substance. Depending on the material used, its use also varies. DENSORB binding fleeces can, for example, be designed permanently on surfaces.

When maintenance work is in progress, the work surfaces can also be laid out with DENSORB binders. If chemicals have already escaped, DENSORB can be used to contain snakes, while the material which has escaped is bonded with additional pads of the pads. When the material is fully bonded, the binders are disposed of according to the material being bonded.

The best way to learn about the application of chemical binders is by the professionals: the DENIOS Academy regularly offers leakage training courses. The use of chemical binders is also practiced here. 

DENIOS Academy

DENSORB special absorbents are suitable for the absorption of all liquids, especially corrosive acids, alkalis and similar chemicals.

Premium-quality absorbent mats and rolls are especially hard-wearing and demonstrate high abrasion resistance and a lint-free surface thanks to their close-meshed fibres.

The versatile product range of cushions, absorbent socks, emergency sets, refill sets and granules complete the range of DENSORB special absorbents for abrasive media.