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Accidents happen - but this does not have to be a problem if you have the right products on hand!

In the event of an oil spill or machinery drips, you will require an oil absorbent that absorbs the escaped liquid quickly and effectively. It is important that oil absorbents are available quickly and in the right format, depending on the particular situation.

Designed to absorb oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids but repel water, DENSORB oil absorbents are ideal for absorbing oil floating on water.

Their ability to absorb oil is not reduced by rainwater either, if used outdoors. Consequently DENSORB oil absorbents are considerably more effective than traditional oil absorbents such as granules.

We offer an extensive range of oil absorbents to meet your requirements which includes oil absorbent granules, socks, booms, cushions and pads as well as emergency spill kits for fast and effective clean up of leaks and spills. 



Oil Absorbents vs Oil Granules

Oil absorbents such as absorbent cushions are generally better suited for industrial application. They are made of polypropylene and can absorb several times their own weight in liquid.

Disposal costs for oil absorbent pads are significantly lower than for granules as a result of the much lower weight. For example, whilst granules generally can only absorb their own weight in liquid, oil absorbent socks and cushions (which are already lighter) can absorb much more than their own weight.

Not only is weight lower but size is also much smaller, resulting in lower disposal costs.

Efficiency and economical factors are why we always recommend oil absorbent mats, snakes, rolls and cushions over oil granules.

Using Oil Absorbents

By using oil absorbents quickly and efficiently you will be reducing the risk of accidents as well as contamination. Which DENSORB oil absorbent product you use depends on your intended application. For example:

Oil Absorbent Cushions are typically used on surfaces which are continuously contaminated with oils, such as underneath machines. Oil absorbent mats are often used when maintenance work is being carried out, whilst absorbent snakes are perfect for containing fresh spills.

If you need advice on which oil absorbent product is best suited to your needs call us on 01952 822 241 where our team of experts are on hand to answer any of your questions.

Oil Absorbent Solutions for Water Areas

Due to oil having a lower density than water, resulting in it to rise and float to the top you will need particular absorbents to absorb or contain the oil on the water surface.

For this you can use the following absorbent products:

Oil absorbent mats help remove the layer of oil at the surface, for example when motor oils or vegetable oils contaminate water areas and surfaces. One of their popular features is that even when after absorbing oil and thus gaining weight it will still stay afloat.

Oil absorbent cubes are designed for continuous use in water, even at high flow rates. Oil barriers are used to limit contamination within a particular area, preventing further spreading and simultaneously absorbing the oil floating on the surface.