Flame retardant waste bins

Flame retardant waste bins

Flame retardant waste bins collect cleaning rags and other waste material safely, protecting against possible fires due to the self-closing lid. Additional safety thanks to the ground ventilation which prevents over-heating and self-inflammation

In production areas or laboratories, waste such as rags which are impregnated with substances hazardous to the environment

require specialist disposal bins as it would be dangerous to throw them in bins with ordinary waste. DENIOS flame retardant waste bins offer the ideal solution.

Waste collectors prevent self-ignition of the content, and are also suitable for extinguishing materials already in flames, because of the strength of manufacturing and self-closing lid. The self-extinguishing bin for rags is steel and equipped with a hinged lid. The bins are fireproof containers with self-extinguishing system, capacity of between 15 and 50 liters, allowing an ideal fire prevention for many locations.

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