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Managing and controlling spills are a major part of COSHH regulations. Therefore, every business that works with hazardous liquids, be they solvents or oils, must make sure that it has a stringent response plan in place to minimise any damage when an accident occurs. DENSORB absorbents can come to your rescue and optimise your spill control endeavours.

Understanding absorbents

Absorbent materials are the first line of defence in your spill control arsenal. Absorbents are binders that absorb spilt liquids. They bind a liquid into their structure, which allows for its easy disposal. Whenever you are working with chemicals, oils or any other hazardous liquid, it is important to keep absorbents close at hand. With DENIOS UK, you can rest assured that you will always find the right DENSORB absorbent for different applications.


Types of absorbents

DENIOS UK has a wide range of absorbents. They do not neutralise, and they take on the properties of the liquid that they soak up. After using a DENSORB absorbent, you must handle it with the same care as the recently absorbed liquid.

Not every absorbent can handle any type of spill. This is why DENIOS UK offers you a choice of absorbent materials and spill kits based on the liquid that you need to contain and handle.

Our range of DENSORB absorbents include:

  • Oil absorbents
  • Universal absorbents
  • Special absorbents

Oil absorbents: As the name suggests, these absorbents are for hydrocarbon-based liquids such as petrol, diesel and lubricants. Oil absorbents do not filter or demulsify a solution. They do not absorb water but you can apply them in or to water with ease. This type of absorbent is available as DENSORB Absorbent Granules, which absorb oil spillage.

Universal absorbents: Universal absorbents such as DENSORB Absorbent Rolls are ideal for absorbing cooling, solvents, emulsions and non-corrosive liquids and chemicals. Some of these absorbents contain cellulose, which means that they will react when they come into contact with oxidising or corrosive liquids. Therefore, it is important that you check the composition and not use certain products with liquid chemicals that can react with the absorbent material.

Special absorbents: DENIOS UK also has special absorbents designed for corrosive liquid chemicals such as acids and alkali. For example, you can use DENSORB Absorbent Socks in circumstances when the liquid is unknown and you fear that it is aggressive in nature.

Need help choosing the right DENSORB binder? Use our practical productfinder to find the right binder for your needs or simply call your competent specialist consultant at DENIOS. We are happy to help.

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Industries that need spill control and containment

There are several industries where spill control and containment are a necessity. These include the:

Food manufacturing industry: The food manufacturing industry has the onus of maintaining the environment and adhering to stringent hygiene standards. The industry uses hydrocarbon- and vegetable-based oils for fuel as well as cooking, and the risk of spillage is high. It requires absorbent materials to manage and contain spills even though strategies may be in place to prevent them.

Manufacturing and industrial sector: Spills are common in the manufacturing sector, and they can be expensive to clean up, resulting in serious time delays. The same also holds true for industrial warehouses and factories, which have the legal obligation to offer bunded storage for managing overspills.

Aviation and aerospace industry: In this industry, spills can occur during manufacturing and maintenance or because of incidental spillage, which requires emergency containment and control. Both types of spills can have a profound effect, resulting in the loss of business.

Motorsport industry: Spills and leaks are common in the motorsport industry, leading to a dangerous working environment. This industry requires spill kits and absorbent materials to contain and dispose of spills. The Motor Sports Association in the UK mandates that cars should have spill kits capable of absorbing up to 1.25 litres.

Construction industry: Accidental oil spills are common in the construction industry. The oil used for lubricating and operating machinery can cause contamination of water bodies and the environment if spills take place. Spill kits and DENSORB materials are therefore necessary in this industry.

Transport industry: Oil and lubricant spills resulting from road accidents or occurring at distribution centres are a problem in the transport industry. This makes it mandatory for the industry to prevent spills and have adequate measures in place to manage and contain them.

DENIOS UK caters to these industries and others where there is a risk of chemical liquid spills. We take great pride in providing our clients with high-quality absorbent materials and spill kits to safely contain spills without harming the environment.


Practical Guide to Absorbents

Would you like to learn more about the use of absorbents? Do you need help choosing the right product? Or you would like to know how you should behave properly in the leakage situation?

Our absorbents guide provides you with all the important information you need, and take a look at our free emergency leak plan which shows you how to handle leaks in 10 easy steps! 

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