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Earthing Cables and Earthing Systems

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All machines and work equipment used in areas subject to explosion hazards must be ATEX-certified according to EN 60079-14 and EN 61241-14. DENIOS can offer you a variety of earthing equipment, discharge cable and earthing cables - all are available with an LED monitoring system.

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Earthing Kits from DENIOS

Earthing or grounding kits are necessary for avoiding explosions caused by sparking and the accumulation of static electricity. They can be used to monitor and discharge the buildup of static around machines and equipment when flammable or explosive liquids are present. While machines may run on volatile fuels, this also applies in the case of machinery transporting or otherwise in contact with industrial drums containing chemicals.

Where to use earthing kits

There are specific regulations mandating under which situations earthing kits must be used and specifying which equipment can be included in such kits. DENIOS supplies only compliant earthing equipment, all of which is ATEX-certified under EN 60079-14 and EN 61241-14.

In general, earthing equipment must be used when there is a risk of sparking or static accumulation in proximity to hazardous, volatile chemicals. That is a concern in most industrial, research, and production companies, and should be particularly monitored in areas where pumps, dispensing containers, or filling containers are used for flammable or explosive substances.

Selecting earthing equipment

Since there are a wide variety of grounding gadgets that are compliant, it’s possible to choose based on their various features and benefits. Different cable types; connections or contact formats; and monitoring or grounding functions are available in the grounding equipment.

The Earthing Cable with C Clamps, 2 M, insulated is one of the simpler options when it comes to earthing cables. It offers a 2-metre long, doubly insulated cable with adjustable clamps on either end that can be tightened for a secure fit. Versions with spring-loaded crocodile clip ends are also available and may be more convenient depending on the available angles of access. Since this grounding equipment does not provide a built-in continuous monitoring function, it should be checked regularly to ensure the connections have not shifted or loosened over time.

An earthing cable like the Spiral Earthing Cable, 5 M Long, with Earthing Clip and 1 Eye is similarly mechanically simple. It features low electrical resistance with high mechanical strength and a sheathed discharge cable that is resistant to wear and chemical damage, making it more durable and resilient over time.

Since grounding equipment is used extensively in proximity to hazardous and volatile chemical storage, investing in a kit like the Anti-Static Set with 3 Colour Coded Connection Cables can be a good value.

Retractable housings for longer discharge cables, such as the Cable Reel for Earthing Straps, make much more extensive distances practical and add convenience. These are available in lengths of up to 15 metres for larger-scale use cases such as drums and containers of 205 litres or greater, in plants, IBCs, tankers, and other situations where a regular cable is insufficient. Due to the length, this kind of grounding equipment should be used with caution to avoid unintentional contact at points along the length of the cable that could trigger an early and unexpected discharge of static.

The best grounding kits include continuous circuit monitoring. An independently powered LED display will provide confirmation that the connection to the equipment is active and safe, reducing the risk of an interrupted signal and impaired effectiveness. Grounding equipment like the Earthing Cable with Monitoring Function, 2-Core is rated at an even higher level of safety certification than our regular earthing kits.

Work safety and environmental protection

The safe and appropriate use of certified grounding kits is important for the safety of your employees, the protection of your volatile substances, and the safeguarding of your facilities from a significant industrial accident. Improperly grounded equipment and stray sparks can ignite hazardous chemicals and prove a danger to your employees and also cause great damage to your business and the environment.Always invest in properly certified and rated grounding kits and ensure that employees are trained on the correct usage and that connections are checked and confirmed to avoid disaster. Our earthing cables with LED monitoring function are the best choice to ensure drums and containers holding flammable and explosive chemicals are safely grounded at all times.

Our service

While grounding equipment purchases may be one of the smaller investments your production facility, lab, or warehouse undertakes, they are far from the least significant. We offer free expert consultation to help you identify your earthing kit needs and ensure the protection of your products, staff, and facilities.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to have our engineers and specialists help you find the right earthing products for your business. We can make informed recommendations for gas and oil, automotive, and other industrial businesses including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food-grade warehouses, labs, and production environments.

In the meantime, read our whitepaper below to find out how to effectively avoid electrostatic discharges by using earthing systems.

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