Fire Rated Storage Containers


Fire Rated Storage Containers

When you work with highly flammable or otherwise hazardous materials, you have a duty to ensure that they are stored in safe conditions. At DENIOS UK, we offer a range of fire storage solutions that are fully compliant with European EN 13501-2 regulatory requirements. These storage facilities help ensure that your workplace is compliant with environmental protection legislation and give your staff time to evacuate if an accident occurs.

Fire rated storage cabinets for drums are designed for the storage of whole drums or for pallets that each contain several drums. Fire rated storage drums and IBC containers secure drums, IBCs or goods packed on pallets. Walk-in fire rated storage containers provide extensive fire-safe storage space and are widely used across Europe.

Fire rated storage cabinets for drums

The fire rated storage cabinets that we stock at DENIOS UK are available in a range of different sizes and are designed to hold back fire for 120 minutes, giving you time to take any necessary further precautions against fire spreading, call the emergency services, and fully evacuate your employees to a safe distance.

These flammable storage containers are available with one or two levels and can store as many as 32 drums of standard size or 16 Euro-pallets. If you choose a two-level storage cabinet, you will normally need a forklift attachment to lift drums in and out of it.

For effective use, fireproof storage containers should always be kept closed except when materials are being moved in or out of them. They should always be checked at the end of the working day to make sure that they are properly closed, and they should never be left open for convenience.

When properly used, these flammable storage solutions enable you to safely store flammable materials in your workplace where they are easy to access.

Brandschutzlager für Fässer
Brandschutzlager für IBC

Fire rated storage drums and IBC containers

The DENIOS UK range of fireproof IBC and drum storage solutions is used across Europe and meets the highest regulatory standards. Designed to hold pallets, drums or IBCs, they can be fitted with additional shelves to provide added convenience when storing smaller items.

Versions of these fire rated storage containers are available with built-in heating systems or technical ventilation systems, allowing you to optimise conditions for the safe maintenance and longevity of the chemicals with which you’re working. Built-in explosion protection is also available, and internal lighting systems can be set up to make it easier to find what you need.

You can choose between different types of doors to allow you to pick something that will fit easily into your workplace without obstructing movement or other equipment. They are also available in different sizes, starting from single IBC containers, making them suitable for many different types of business.

The popularity of these storage systems and their established use will provide reassurance to workers dealing with hazardous materials. If they are used properly, they can contribute a great deal to work safety.

Walk-in fire rated storage containers

Built like cupboards or whole additional rooms that can be positioned within or adjacent to your workplace, DENIOS UK walk-in fire rated storage containers offer the most spacious fire-safe storage option to help you meet environmental protection requirements. They provide up to 120 minutes of time in which to evacuate in the case of an internal fire or extinguish an external fire.

The largest containers in this range offer over 20m² of operational storage space with a ceiling height of up to 2.5 metres. Different dimensions provide plenty of choice when working out how to position the container on your premises, and variable door positions add to this flexibility. Some of the walk-in containers come with their own ramps for added convenience when moving drums in and out of them.

Shelving units can be fitted inside the larger containers to facilitate easier storage of small items, and pallets can be stacked within them. Internal lighting systems are also available. Along with flammable substances, they can be used for the secure storage of materials with the potential to pollute water sources.

Using a walk-in flammable storage solution like this provides maximum convenience for your staff when accessing hazardous materials while ensuring the highest level of fire protection in the workplace. For them to work effectively, it is essential that the doors are kept closed when they’re not in use, but they should never be closed when someone is inside.