Factory Scaffolding


Aluminum working scaffolds can be used as stand and travel scaffolding. Due to the height-adjustable floor-to-rung bracing platform, height differences, Such as stairs and paragraphs. The V-shaped crossmember of the working jig offers an optimum degree of safety by increasing the standing area in the longitudinal and transverse directions. The non-slip, profiled rungs of the working scaffold ensure a safe inner ascent.

The use of positive and non-positive clamping connections as well as attachable frame system parts ensure a fast, tool-free construction of the work stands. Aluminum folding frames are ideal for indoor and outdoor work. Thanks to fewer parts, a quick erection of the folding stands is achieved.

The construction outdoors can take place up to a maximum of 10 m according to EN 1004. The flooring consists of a weatherproof and non-slip phenolic resin screen printing plate.

The scaffolding height of 1.80 m of the basic unit allows easy passage of door frames in the assembled state. Four braked rollers of the folding frame ensure additional safety.

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